Who operates the pool?

Kyle Solomon runs the FROG pool. Kyle is a multi-disciplined engineer (EE, software, and embedded hardware). Kyle also runs Adosia and is the lead developer and architect. Kyle also has extensive sales and marketing experience - having sold for Intel Corp for 5 years and from pivoting Adosia ad-tech into IoT.

What is your history with the Cardano project?

Kyle has been an avid supporter of the Cardano project while building out Adosia in parallel to development of Cardano - with the goal of aligning Adosia's model to utilize Plutus smart contracts. Kyle has also actively participated in the Cardano testnet well before ITN began and is active in the community, appearing a number of times to talk about stakepool operation on The Cardano Effect.

What is the setup of your pool?

The FROG pool utilizes virtual machines hosted in multiple locations. We are currently experimenting with optimization strategies for running parallel active/passive nodes, along with testing various hardware resource allocations, having an infrastructure capabilities setup for dynamic scaling of resources as demanded by the network.

What are your plans for the future of your pool?

As the protocol stabilizes FROG plans to further disperse our FROG nodes to effectively achieve a decentralized infrastructure. We would like to see FROG revenue fund projects that bring value to ADA and to the Cardano ecosystem.

Why should people delegate to your pool?

All FROG revenue goes to support development of the Adosia IoT project. Adosia is a self funded open hardware IoT initiative aligning for tokenization on Cardano (moving to enable p2p marketplaces so IoT users can monetize their IoT operating profiles). The Adosia IoT platform is functional and in production.

For more information about ₳DAfrog, go to adafrog.io. To learn more about Adosia, go to adosia.com.