Myth Pool

Who operates the pool?

We are two software developers with 9-5 jobs in London. With more than 9 years of experience in the software industry, we are used to the work required to run and maintain the pool - it's like our day jobs! You guys can find us on Telegram under @mythpool, and we are also in the various Cardano community channels. You can follow us on Twitter at @mythpool.

What is your history with the Cardano project?

We have been keen on the Cardano project since 2017 and always keep our eyes on it. To be honest, we don't contribute directly to the Cardano project, but sometimes you can see us doing Q&A on Telegram.

What is the setup of your pool?

We are running the node on a VPS with dedicated CPU (2 CPUs and 8GB Ram). According to the IOHK stake pool minimal system requirements, it is not necessary to run a node on a high-end server - running a stake pool is not a hardware race.

We know we are running a small pool or even a tiny pool for now. But Myth Pool has everything that some big pools have.

First of all, we built to help delegators keep track of the pool. You can check if the node is running to ensure that you are not delegating to an inactive pool. On top of that, you can see how much live ADA we have staked, the number of blocks the pool has created, and rewards earned so far.

Secondly, while you guys use the website (frontend) to keep track of the node, we are using the backend to monitor the node. We fetch the node's status every 3 mins, so if it falls out of sync, we can restart it. This maximizes our chances to produce blocks.

You can also track our block height on (type ticker MYTH in the search box).

What are your plans for the future of your pool?

We are working on the website to put more features live. Soon you will be able to track the ADA you have delegated to the pool. You will also be able to compare Myth Pool to other pools.

Why should people delegate to your pool?

To sum up, Myth Pool is running 24/7 with low fees. Come join us, stay for 2 epochs and see what you get from Myth Pool.

For more information about Myth Pool, go to