Squid Pool

Who operates the pool?

Hi all! My name is Shawn McMurdo and I operate Squid Pool (SQUID). I have over 25 years experience as a software developer and system architect.

What is your history with the Cardano project?

After mining, playing with, and working with a number of other cryptocurrencies I found the Cardano project in November 2017 and have been engaged ever since. I love the principles that Cardano is built on and am excited by the Cardano vision and potential. You can find me on Cardano Reddit, Forums, and Telegram, where I try to learn more and help others where I can.

What is the setup of your pool?

Squid Pool is deployed on Amazon infrastructure with custom built monitoring to provide superior reliability and performance.

What are your plans for the future of your pool?

I believe in the philosophy and potential of Cardano and want to be part of helping the Cardano ecosystem grow to its full potential. I will continue to evolve Squid Pool to provide beneficial services to the community from Incentivized Testnet to Mainnet through Gogan, Voltaire, and beyond.

Why should people delegate to your pool?

I endeavor to provide a stake pool with the highest level of availability, performance and trust at a low rate that covers my costs. Delegating to a serious but smaller pool like Squid Pool is not only good for the Cardano ecosystem but you will likely get better returns than with the big, saturated, and higher fee pools.

I believe in transparency and communication. You can sign up for email updates on our website and I am available by email or Telegram. I hope you will consider delegating to Squid Pool!

For more information about Squid Pool, go to squidpool.com.