What's this website all about?

We showcase awesome unsaturated stakepools running on the Cardano Incentivized Testnet, allowing pool operators to tell you about their pool and why you should delegate with them. Follow us on Twitter to be notified when a new showcase goes live.

What is an unsaturated pool?

As the Cardano Incentivized Testnet is currently targetting 100 stake pools, the saturation level has been set to 1%. This means that any pool controlling over 1% of the total delegated stake is saturated and will have its rewards capped at that level. For example, if you delegate to a pool controlling 2% of the delegated total stake, your rewards on average will be halved compared to delegating to an unsaturated pool.

How can I tell if a pool is saturated?

All pools showcased on this website are unsaturated.The pool sizes displayed for each pool confirms this (all below 1%). For other pools, check the Pool Size column on adapools.org. Saturated pools have a Pool Size over 1% and are highlighted with the icon.